What is it?

#FOTOHunt19 is a social media and photograph based scavenger hunt of all things FOTO!  (Friends of the Outlet, Inc. (That's us!))

How do I participate?

It's easy to participate.  All you need to get started is a Facebook or Instagram account and a camera.  The camera on your phone will work great.  Earn points by completing tasks below and tag us using  #FOTOHunt19 and @KeukaOutletTrail.  Each task only counts once unless otherwise stated.  Once you accumulate 100 points, you'll be eligible to receive a special Keuka Outlet Trail prize.

How do I get my prize?  

Once you accumulate 100 points, please complete this form to receive instructions on how to receive your prize.

Other rules:

Participate at your own risk.  Please ensure your own safety at all times.  By participating, you give Friends of the Outlet, Inc. permission to use any images submitted as part of #FOTOHunt19.  All photos must be your current original photo unless otherwise stated. All posts must tag @KeukaOutletTrail and use #FOTOHunt19.  Most importantly, have fun!


  • 5 Points:  Receive 5 points for each friend who becomes a member and tags you in a post on social media along with @KeukaOutletTrail.

  • 20 Points: Share your oldest AND your newest photo of you on the Trail.

  • 1 Point each:  Earn 1 point for each painted turtle that you can catch in a single photo of the Turtle Pond.

  • 10 Points: Share a photo of yourself with a fish you caught in the Keuka Outlet.

  • 10 Points:  Share a close up photo of a bird on the Outlet Trail.

  • 20 Points:  Attend a Friends of the Outlet, Inc. sponsored event and share a photo.  This task may be completed unlimited times.

  • 20 Points:  Share a photo of your own original artwork inspired by the Keuka Outlet Trail.

  • 10 Points:  Share a photo and describe the history of a point of historical interest on the trail.  May be used up to 5 times.

  • 10 Points:  Go Live on Facebook from the Keuka Outlet Trail and tell everyone something special about the Trail.

  • 25 Points:  Clean up part of the Trail.  Post before and after pictures!

  • 50 Points:  Share a video telling a story of your favorite memory from the Trail.

Check back and follow our Facebook page for more opportunities to earn points!

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